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TPA & Empanellment

Empanelled TPA /Corporates / Institutions

As the concept of TPA (THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATOR) has been introduced by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority).

The individual insured will get an ID card issued by the TPA. This ID Card is useful and needed at the time of hospitalization.

TPA department at RSD Samarpan Hospital maintains databases of the various health Insurance companies for the cashless settlement for the patients.

At the time of admission, the policyholder or relative can flash the Photo ID-Card as a part of identification of the policyholder. At the time of discharge, the insured will make payment, which exceeds sum insured or the benefits not covered under policy conditions. A complete cashless treatment Thus, the Individual does not run around for arranging cash for paying for the hospital.

Any Business organizations / Institution would be well advised to opt for a corporate tie-up with RSD Samarpan Hospital, as an official acknowledgment of our hospital as the favored healthcare destination would go a long way in ensuring that the employees of these business-houses are given personnel attention.

A formal recognition of RSD Samarpan Hospital as the preferred healthcare destination provides employees of these businesses access to quality healthcare with extra personal care, minimal formalities during admission, and lesser financial burden.


Contact Details for TPA Cashless enquiry: 7376721051, 8604540222, 8604540888

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